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sun and imitation of sun... by Stephanie Barbe

Stephanie Barber
sun and imitation of sun pressed into the undergarments of nuns and monks and the holy unnamed. these so dedicated. perfumed like stately accompaniment towards the always ending. the always reflecting indifference of objects’ conatus. always carving into the light falling through the leaking skylight. always pressing against what is also you, rubbing, being. being a weight. mercurial. being distinctly aware of what can be saved, what can be shown, what can be placed for offering. placed upon the sun like your father’s favorite song. burning.
Stoneware, glaze, fabric          
6″ x 3″ x 6″ 


View this work in person as part of Early Blossoms/Perilous Thirds., an exhibition of works by Stephanie Barber, Patrick David, and Josh Dorman running from March 26th – May 7th 2022. Gallery hours are Fridays & Saturdays, 1-5pm, or by appointment.


This work is availble for pickup at the gallery. 

sun and imitation of sun... by Stephanie Barbe

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