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Current Space is an artist-run gallery, studio, and a headquarters for cultural production, nourishing an ongoing dialogue between artists, activists, performers, designers, curators, and thinkers. Operating since November 2004, we are committed to showcasing, developing, and broadening the reach of artists locally and internationally.

Current Space volunteers: You Wu, Andy Shenker, Brennan Cox, Michael Benevento, Julianne Hamilton, and Emma Hill

Bret McCabe
Julia Stone


Photo by Theresa Keil for BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas Issue 3


Monique Crabb

Hans Petrich
Vicki Brown

Andy Cook

Michelle Hagewood
Ryan Jedlicka
Julia Molnar
Rachel Sitkin
Lara Antal
Murphey Wilkins
Kate Dambach
Jen Plaskowitz
Steven Alvarez
Dorian Dean
Jayne Levinson
Mark Taylor
Tanya Taylor
Tony Weber
Sarah Underhill
Rebecca Nagle
Kandis Williams
Hermonie Only
Laini Nemett
Stephen Strohmeier
Kelly Moore
Geoff Graham
Cricket Arrison

Leah Vogely
David Jacober
Justin Kelly
Tonie Joy
George France

Jordan Kasey
Alexander Russell
Jae Hee Lee
Matt Lohry
Jake Dibeler
David Jacober
Zachary Utz
Andrew Laumann

Bettina Yung
Danielle Criqui
Asha Augustine
Dope Body
Holy Ghost Party
Amanda Schmidt
Minku Kim
Renee Clark
Rachel Ad Lowing
Annie Gugliotta
Annie Grey
Neil Koch
Chloé Maratta
Jason Meyer
Jenny Gräf
Annie Rochelle
Mariam Cooper
Baoyen Nguyen
Maude Kasperzak
Sung Hwa Kim
Miranda Pfeiffer
Arron Dunn
Alesha Burk
Steven Riddle
Max Guy
Pete Razon
Kate Ewald
Christina Barrera
Ricardo Contreras
Allison Ransom
Kat Stankewicz
Ginevra Shay
Jules Hamann
Hoesy Corona
Mary Alessi
James Bouché
Kyle Tata
Jasmine Pullen-Schmidt
Elle Perez
Nick Clifford Simko
Brianna Pleasant
Nessi Alexander-Barnes
Alana Ferguson
Maggie Schneider

Brubey Hu

Tong Liu

Vincent Castro

Kathryn Freeman

Christina Billotte

Selina Doroshenko

Mark Kooi

Yuqi Wang

Chris Zickefoose

Sara Havekotte

Jennifer Coster

Marissa Fein

Erick Antonio Benitez
Nick Vyssotsky

Kevin Runyon

Emmanuel Nicolaidis


Bettina Yung
Danielle Criqui
Katie Rose
Elena Johnston
Sean Honey
Jordan Kasey
Jeff McGrath
Katherine StPaul Hill
Andrew Shenker
Martin Kasey

Matt Lohry
Fred Scharmen
Marian Glebes
Eric Leshinsky
Becca Morrin
Russel Hite
Bob Keal
Max Guy
Craig Bowen

Jeremy Rountree

We provide a multidisciplinary platform for experimentation and discourse. Some content in the exhibitions may not be appropriate for all audiences. The views and opinions expressed are of the individual artist(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the organization.

Current Space is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Current Space must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.