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Press Release – Building Ownership Announcement



Baltimore Beat – 2023 Best Art Gallery

Baltimore Magazine – 2023 Best Gallery

Bmore Art – In Memoriam: Elena Johnston

Bmore Art – Review of Crip Algebra by Alx Velozo, Saar Shemesh, and RA Walden

Baltimore Fishbowl – Public art installations on Howard Street

Baltimore Beat – Art Outside 

2023 Year in Review

BmoreArt – Fantasy Machine 4eva at Current Space: Photo Essay

Baltimore Magazine – 2022 Fall Arts Guide

Baltimore Fishbowl – Current Space Opens Outdoor Bar

Baltimore Magazine – Open and Shut: Current Space Bar

BmoreArt – Review of To Go Faster

BmoreArt – Review of Early Blossoms/Perilous Thirds

BmoreArt – Art for Ukraine

BmoreArt – Review of CENTENNIAL: On The Topic Of Now

BmoreArt – BmoreArt Issue 12 Release at Current Space: Photo Essay

BmoreArt – Interview with Double Dagger

Baltimore Magazine – 2021 Fall Arts Guide

BmoreArt – Members Cocktail Party: Photo Essay

Inertia – Exhibition Visit and Interviews with Artists in "LuX"

Inertia – Review of Alpha Massaquoi's "Black Noise"

Culture Trip – Baltimore’s Top 8 Must-See Contemporary Art Galleries

BmoreArt – Quarantine Diaries: Gallerists & Curators 

BmoreArt – Profile of Volunteer, You Wu  

Hyperallergic – New Baltimore Museum of Art Programs Prioritize Support for Local Artists and Organizations

BmoreArt – Artist-Run: Ten Alternative Baltimore Art Spaces

BmoreArt – Current Space's Newly Official Forever Home

BmoreArt – Review of Nicole Dyer's "It's Okay Maybe"

BmoreArt – Ten Best Baltimore Handmade Holiday Shopping Events for Creative Connoisseurs

Baltimore Fishbowl – Current Space plans to expand with a $500,000 ‘ruin garden’

Baltimore Magazine – 2018 Fall Arts Guide

BmoreArt – Pick's of the Week: September 4-10

Baltimore Beat – Year In Review: The Beat’s top 10 art shows of 2017 
Baltimore Sun – Video: Exploring Current Space 
Baltimore Sun – 2017 Fall Arts Guide

BmoreArt – 2017 Artist-Run Art Fair
ArtFCity – Review of Beki Basch’s “Vision Quest Lundi: Flush / Flood”

BmoreArt – MICA Uses Creative Spaces for MFA Thesis Shows

BmoreArt – Here to Stay: Talking to Current Space About Buying their Forever Home

BmoreArt – Review of Erick Antonio Benitez' "Esta Tu Tierra Es Tu Tierra"

ArtFCity – Conversation on Jonathan Latiano's "Existence and Properties are Inferred" and Jon Duff's "Panspermia on Amazon Prime"

BmoreArt – Review of Jonathan Latiano's "Existence and Properties are Inferred"

BmoreArt – Review of Yhelena Hall and Michael Henri Hall's "Wilderness and Household"

Baltimore Sun – A creative solution to Baltimore's vacants problem

BmoreArt – Interview with co-director, Andrew Liang

BmoreArt – Review of "100% YES (fill in the blank): Press-Press Pop-Up"
BmoreArt – Dwayne Butcher's Best of 2014
BmoreArt – Review of Louis Fratino, Michael Uckotter, and Win Shanokprasith's "Love Tap"
BmoreArt – Review of Geoff Grace’s “dreams before dawn”

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