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shakyamuni and taho... by Stephanie Barber

Stephanie Barber
shakyamuni and taho in the treasure tower. in the ceremony in the air. (an immeasurable thousand or seven swords.) entity and function. sharps and smooths. the sharps are this new war, all those old wars, the soul crushing ravages of capitalism, the small cruelties of context…) or maybe no cruelties. no sharps, no danger, just the elegance of a right circular cone suggesting forests, suggesting mountains, suggesting sounds. mangrove roots, making a maze of the sundabans. amitav ghosh. how admirable the transition.
Stoneware, glaze
Dimensions variable


View this work in person as part of Early Blossoms/Perilous Thirds., an exhibition of works by Stephanie Barber, Patrick David, and Josh Dorman running from March 26th – May 7th 2022. Gallery hours are Fridays & Saturdays, 1-5pm, or by appointment.


This work is availble for pickup at the gallery. 

shakyamuni and taho... by Stephanie Barber

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