Vibrations by Monique Crabb

Vibrations, 2019

Plant Dyed Textile Painting



The human body can generate mechanical vibrations at very low frequencies, scientists call them infrasonic waves. The vibrations are produced by the physiological processes of heartbeats, respiratory movements, the brain, blood flow in vessels and so on. The emotional state of a body effects the vibrations emitted.

Vibrations by Monique Crabb

  • Monique Crabb is a Mexican American woman, a mother, and a multi-disciplinary artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently pursuing her MFA at UMBC in their Intermedia+Digital Arts program and was co-director at Current Space for close to a decade. Monique’s interest in textiles, quilting and dyeing with plants was born during the early years of having a child. The desire to learn a new process that was meditative, low cost, experimental, and used second hand materials was very appealing. Over the years her practice has evolved into a deeper exploration of acquiring color from plants that she’s foraged for, grown, or made from food waste. All the while continuing to experiment with transferring color from plants to fabric with various techniques and exploring color, form, and text in her work that reference her personal history, identity, the body, and our environment.