Sexy Potato: The Vogue by Andrew Liang

Sexy Potato: The Vogue, May 2020

Gouche on hardboard

5" x 11" x 1/8"


Description of Work.   In 2012, The Sexy Potato was created as a part of the “Double Barrel” exhibition. It was inspired by an empty Lay’s potato chips’ bag on the street of Baltimore. The Sexy Potato is a symbol for the passion for the potatoes in our society. The idea was conceived in 2012 and subsequent editions were made the year after. Recently, unfinished copies of them were discovered and restored. There are a total of 16 versions of Sexy Potato.


"The Vogue" is created to comment on fashion, vanity, wealth, materialism, and human's natural attraction to shiny objects.  As Sexy Potato unpeels itself revealing its flesh, irresistible as potatoes are to eat e.g. french fries, chips, hash browns, tater tots, boxty, mash potato and gravy...etc.  the image titillates both gastronomical and sexual arousal.  By placing the Sexy Potato inside a mirrored box frame and mimicking it as a cover for the fashion magazine, Vogue, it is now more special than the other editions of Sexy Potato.  Just like there are countless beautiful people in the world e.g. my mother, who never made it on the Vogue magazine.  

Sexy Potato: The Vogue by Andrew Liang

  • The work is hand painted with Acryla Gouche.  The surface is fragile and should not be hung in high-traffic, UV-exposure locations.  "The Vogue" is placed in a mirror frame built by the artist.  The work and the frame are hand-made, imperfections exist as proof of genuine quality.  The entire piece should be handled with extreme care.