Outward by Monique Crabb

Outward, 2019

Plant Dyed Textile Painting




The hexagon in nature is magical. It’s an efficient packing shape that we see bees use, most snowflakes under a microscope take on the hexagonal shape, Saturn has a hexagon-shaped storm still churning at its North Pole that was discovered in 1988, water spinning at its highest velocity makes the shape of a hexagon, and Carbon has the molecular structure of a hexagon. Everything begins with Carbon, it is the key ingredient for most life on earth. We are made of several billions of them in our body. The element is even in our DNA and makes up the body from head to toe.

Outward by Monique Crabb

  • Monique Crabb is a Mexican American woman, a mother, and a multi-disciplinary artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently pursuing her MFA at UMBC in their Intermedia+Digital Arts program and was co-director at Current Space for close to a decade. Monique’s interest in textiles, quilting and dyeing with plants was born during the early years of having a child. The desire to learn a new process that was meditative, low cost, experimental, and used second hand materials was very appealing. Over the years her practice has evolved into a deeper exploration of acquiring color from plants that she’s foraged for, grown, or made from food waste. All the while continuing to experiment with transferring color from plants to fabric with various techniques and exploring color, form, and text in her work that reference her personal history, identity, the body, and our environment.

  • Soft Body is a collection of textile paintings made from second hand fabric dyed with colors extracted from plants and food waste. Each piece is an exploration of stripping the quilt form of its function while manipulating shapes and color to reflect on the various aspects of occupying a human body. An abstract representation of energy in its varied forms of travel through heat, tears, sound, and light as it temporarily grounds us to earth.